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  • Latin American Cities Lecture Series - Professor Lee Riley on Slum Health February 23rd, 1-2 PM, Wurster Hall, Room 170




  • The Subir & Malini Chowdhury Center for Bangladesh Studies Newsletter, Fall 2014, Highlight of Caitie's trip to Bangladesh (Summer 2014).

  • Center for Latin American Studies, U.C. Berkeley: Slum Health in Brazil: Disparity from the Cell to the Street. October 27, 2014. (VIDEO BELOW)


  • Public Health Heroes: U.C. Berkley. March 2012

  • UCTV: The Challenge of Slums: Urban and Slum Health Implications. April 2010

  • Mythbusters Episode 135: Rat Pee Soda. 2009 (for Lee's part watch the whole episode on Netflix)