Populaçoes Vulneráveis com Diabetes

Vulnerable Populations with Diabetes

The Populaçoes Vulneráveis com Diabetes (PVD) project (Vulnerable Populations with Diabetes) has two main components: to research health disparity in diabetes in slum communities and to implement public health intervention programs through community engagement. The first aspect of this project is to characterize and contrast diabetes in slum and non-slum communities, as well as organisms that cause acute infections which are common in diabetics. Researchers on this project are working to characterize the burden and sequelae resulting from diabetes, the molecular epidemiology of infections and commensal bacteria (healthy people colonized with certain bacteria), as well as the geographic distribution of diabetes and these bacteria. The second aspect of this project aims to use our findings and observations from research to implement community based participatory intervention programs to raise awareness of diabetes and health in the community.

PVD research is conducted and applied in the urban community of Preventório, located in Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Team members either work closely with or in two different health posts that serve this community. The project began in December 2014 at the health posts Calixto Garcia (Preventório 2), Abel Santamaria (Preventório 1), and the Sergio Arouca Regional Polyclinic along with with the Policlinica Regional Sergio Arouca (PRSA) in Niterói. The first phase of the project concluded in December 2015 and the second phase of this project is currently in progress at these same locations.