Pesquisa Participativa

Our research group is dedicated to applying the findings of our research to real-world situations. Whenever we are involved in the design of an epidemiologic study (one that involves talking to, interviewing, and obtaining data from individuals) we are committed to developing materials and hosting health education events that are specifically targeted to improve the health of those involved in the study.

We worked with the community's health posts and the residents of the community to host events informing the residents and health professionals about the goals of the project, to update them about progress, and to present preliminary findings and seek feedback over the course of the study.

During the course of these events, researchers identified that written material was not the best way to convey information, so together with our community team and a music-producing colleague we produced a diabetes-themed samba that traces the (fictional) story of a resident of the community who begins to feel some of the symptoms of pre-diabetes, however with careful control of her diet and medical advice she is able to feel better and counteract some of these effects.


The printed material (in Portuguese) can all be accessed below and used by all who are interested!

Food for Diabetics: This is a one-page PDF document that lists recommended foods, as well as foods to be avoided by those who are concerned about developing diabetes.

Special Recipes for Diabetics: This document lists foods that are healthy(er) options than those traditionally available. The emphasis is on different kinds of natural fruit juices that can be used to replace other more sugary drinks.